Planificación y Seguimiento

Project Management in Continuous Improvement

Analysis of possible causes is the first step in creating a continuous improvement plan.

The proposal and planning is the 2nd step for creating a continuous improvement plan, it consists of 5 specific activities that we will explain below:

  1. Define: In this section the objectives to be met by each process are defined. My recommendation is that these objectives can be quantified at a percentage level. That is to say, if we are going to improve a care process, it is important to establish the objectives that will be met with this improvement. For example: increase in loyalty 10%, increase in sales 5% etc. This at the end will help us evaluate and measure our objectives with these improvements.
  2. Analyze: In this activity it is important to define in detail the solution to improve each process, that is, to list all the tasks necessary to carry out the implementation of the improvement. For this step, I highly recommend using tools such as brainstorming, flow charts. , use case diagrams, these tools will help us specifically define the tasks necessary to improve each process and validate its solution.
  3. Plan: Once we have identified the processes that are going to be improved and the tasks that must be carried out for each process, we proceed to generate a plan for these activities. We can rely on tools such as Microsoft Project or even perform them in an Excel file. The important thing is that We can assign each task to the resource that will execute it and set execution times, with this we will be clear about the improvement times for each process and the people involved in this improvement.
  4. Verify: My recommendation at this point is to have a Checklist that allows us to verify each time we generate a new plan: processes with clear and measurable indicators, assigned tasks, tasks with real times, etc.

In our next article (Implementation and Monitoring) we will continue detailing the next 2 steps.

Conclusion: Detailing and planning the way in which the improvement of each process will be carried out is essential for the management of continuous improvement projects, this helps us to have real metrics of progress and its implementation.

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