Implementación y seguimiento

Implementation and Monitoring of a Continuous Improvement Plan

For this third step (Step 1 and Step 2) of Implementation and monitoring of a continuous improvement plan, it is essential that all staff be aligned with the improvement strategy, carrying out the following functions:

  1. Inform: It is important to inform everyone involved of the documented plan, indicating the dates and tasks to be carried out. My recommendation is that you can have a single session with all those involved and explain the plan in detail, indicating the responsibilities of each participant and the dates to be closed.
  2. Execution and Monitoring: Once the strategy is informed, its implementation must be carried out. My recommendation is that a timely follow-up of each of the tasks can be done with each of those responsible. If you do not have a leader for this, you can do peer reviews of each implementation of each process.
  3. Verification: It is important to verify that it is fulfilled in accordance with the plan that was projected, for this we can generate a Score Card, with the monitoring of the project indicating the progress of the project, and if there are risks or problems that have been found when addressing its implementation.

The fourth and last step is the Evaluation of the continuous improvement plan. For this, my recommendation is to promptly review the indicators of each process, for example: if in our improvement of the customer service process we are going to improve loyalty by 10% and increase the sales by 5% we will have to evaluate if this has been achieved, if only 8% increase in loyalty we must evaluate why the objective was not met and within the problems found define the improvements to be made and include them in our next plan continuous improvement. I share 3 techniques to approach this application.

  1. Design an evaluation plan, based on the objectives and indicators.
  2. Execute the evaluation plan
  3. Prepare a report on the evaluation indicating the advantages and disadvantages of the results obtained from the Improvement Plan

Conclusion: All those who work in the area of continuous improvement know well that continuous improvement is endless, but having a continuous improvement plan will help us to have the implementations we have to carry out, and the results of these implementations, more organized. If you are interested in this world of continuous improvement, I recommend that you read our articles on process automation and RPA.

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