Implement Industry Part1

How do I implement industry 4.0?

Part One: 3D Printing, Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things

Many talk about industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution), but few know what it consists of and much less know how to implement it in their businesses. Understanding a little, there are various technologies today that can help us change businesses as we know them 360°, automating and including tools that allow us to generate growth and significant time savings in different areas of the company, if not all.

Through this article we will talk about these technologies and some examples of use, explained in a simple and clear way.

It is important to comment that these technologies can be combined or implemented in an integral way to transform our businesses.

  1. 3D printing: Thanks to 3D printing, in just a few minutes it is possible to print any type of model that is needed, including implants, prostheses, household objects, food, parts, human organs, toys, etc. The Nike company has currently managed to increase its growth up to 13% in the last quarter thanks to 3D printing, printing its shoes, improving the issue of logistics times and costs.
  2. Augmented Reality: Thanks to augmented reality it is possible to have a virtual representation of physical reality, this having a 3D experience that allows us to interact with both the physical world and the digital world. The Lacoste company currently in its stores allows its customers to live the experience of trying on clothes and customizing them.
  3. Internet of things (IIOT): Thanks to the internet of things it is possible to connect any object to the internet and give it endless uses, and it is enough to look around us and see the lights in the house connected to the internet, the doors, refrigerators etc The Disney company currently provides a bracelet connected to the internet when visiting its parks where you can make purchases without queuing, receive photos that have been taken in attractions and various park surprises.

In our next article we will continue with other technologies and different success stories.

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